Secure E-mail

Secure E-mail, like secure file sending, provides another method of sending material securely to someone else.  Sometimes secure file sending is better, but sometimes it is easier to accomplish your goals using secure email.  For example, I want to send a new potential customer an engagement contract or perhaps a file with confidential information.  This person is new to me, so he is not in my contact list, but he gave me his name and email.  I avoid using regular email because of security concern, but secure email is great in this case.

I add his name and email into my ConnectUsPro dashboard and then select him and choose the secure email icon.    I enter the email body, add the attachment and send.  Done on my end.  The ConnectUs server sends a notification email to the recipient with a link to get the secure email and attachment.  Upon clicking the link, the receiver is required to create an identity and authenticate himself.  These credentials may then be used for sending and receiving both secure E-mail and secure file sending.

Secure E-mail was a good choice in this example as it used a single step to perform multiple functions.  First, it sent both the email and files securely.  Second, it notified the recipient that he was receiving the material.  It allowed the receiver to set up a secure account with very little work on the sender’s side.  It added the potential client’s credentials to the sender side.

Secure Guest Link—Secure E-mail is very efficient for the ConnectUsPro user to send secure material, but how does the client send secure material back?  The easiest way is to use our secure guest link.  Each ConnectUsPro user has his own personal secure guest link.  This link may be sent to your guest, but a better way is to embed it into your website.  The guest can go to your website and access you from there.  The guest can send you a secure file whether you’re online or not.  He can also use this link to chat, video or communicate in a variety of other ways.

For Easy Guest Access

add a Secure Guest Link

to your Website

The Secure E-mail Icon includes 4 related functions:  They are:

  • Secure E-mail with Secure Attachments–This is the default setting. It opens the ConnectUsPro email client.  You may add one or many attachments to the email.  Both the email and the attachments are sent securely.
  • Default E-mail Client with Secure Attachments—This option lets you use your default email client. The attachment is sent securely, but the email is sent using your regular and familiar email client.
  • E-signature—This function provides a way to send a contract or other document that needs to be signed by one or several parties and returned. The document is sent securely, provides for flexible routing, and includes a way to track the document as it proceeds through the electronic signing process.
  • Manage Templates—Many times when sending emails, you want to send the same or similar emails over and over. Templates enable you to more easily do this.  You can create as many templates as you need, edit them, save them, and then assign them to any of the three above functions.

We think you will agree that secure E-mail along with secure file sending, E-signature and Templates can only make your life easier, more efficient, and more secure.  Help us shout it to the World.

Secure E-mail includes
  • Secure E-mail with Secure Attachments
  • Default E-mail with Secure Attachments
  • E-signature
  • Manage Templates


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