Who is ConnectUs Communications?  We are a communications development company focused on custom communication applications using the most modern technologies available.  Our solutions usually include WebRTC technologies at the core and cover video, voice, messaging, file sending, screen sharing, presence, and many others.  We build solutions for desktops and laptops as well as mobile hardware.  Our solutions typically focus on the business community, but include the customers and potential customers of those businesses.

Our Brand includes:

  • ConnectUsPro—An application for the business professionals that are the focus of our business model.
  • ConnectUsPers—A free-to-use personal product for the customers and potential customers of our business clients.
  • ConnectUsMed—A modification of our professional client addressing a particular segment of the medical community.

Collectively, we sometimes refer to these three separate application groups as ConnectUsX.  They, along with our widgets mentioned below, are designed to work as a single integrated application.  Different client types are used for different purposes.

For access to ConnectUsPers, go to UC.ConnectUsCom.com.  Simply enter your name and email.  To communicate with another party, that party needs to do the same thing.  Then one of the parties needs to enter the opposite parties name and email.  You can now communicate in a variety of methods using everything from chat to video.  ConnectUsPro and ConnectUsMed are subscription based business products.  Contact us and let us show you their magic.

Website widgets—Many of our applications include widgets embedded into our business clients websites similar to the Click-To-Connect(Us) button located in the right column.  This button enables potential customers to chat, video or talk to someone in your business or in this case, our business.  The button can be customized to your needs. It can be set to contact specific people, groups of people, departments, etc.  Feel free to try it if you would like to connect with us.  This link or a similar one can be embedded anywhere including email signatures.


Customization is at the heart of our business.  Let us customize a solution for you.