One of the key applications developed by ConnectUs Communications is a Telehealth product.  We call it ConnectUsMed. It is built on top of the ConnectUsX technologies, but is highly customized for the small to medium sized medical practitioner. The focus is on all types of communications between the patient and the medical practice. The number one feature is enabling the practice to offer virtual medical appointments, but ConnectUsMed goes much further. Patient histories can now be captured and updated online from the patient’s home. I personally love this feature because when I’m at the doctor’s office I don’t have access to my medical records so it is hard to be very accurate. I also hate filling out the same detailed form year after year. Now, I can just pull up the form from last year and update it.  Another key feature is an automated referral function. I can request and receive a referral to a specialist in the same day without ever leaving my home or office.

You might be wondering why a doctor would need a Telehealth product like ConnectUsMed since his patients are typically local and distance is only a small factor. The answer is convenience. For the same reason that I purchased my last pair of pants at Lands’ End even though Sears is only 5 miles from my home. For the same reason that I bank online even thought my bank is only 1 mile away. Convenience is a factor in all of my decisions. Medical appointments are no different. I don’t like wasting time in some doctor’s office.  If I can save time, I will use it.


Convenience is the Answer


Telehealth is quickly growing in popularity. Most Telehealth vendors specialize in only remote consults. What does that do for the local general practitioner? It tends to weaken and reduce his patient population as patients opt for the convenience of a Telehealth practice. ConnectUsMed gives the local general practitioner an economical option to retain these convenience seeking patients.

We have a complete website dedicated to ConnectUsMed. You can access it here.

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