ConnectUs Communications
1540 NE 60th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33334

ConnectUs Communications is a privately owned South Florida Company. The principal is Fred Clark, a 30 year technology veteran of the telecommunications and video conferencing sector. Fred’s story and passion:


“I used to work for a family owned trucking company. I was a terminal manager in Sioux City, Iowa. When I started, I was dismayed at how inefficiently we operated. I instituted a restructuring of our communications which I faulted as our primary deficiency. We became incredibly efficient and I became a real advocate of a good communications structure. I experienced the result firsthand. When I decided to move to Florida I started my own communications company to help others become more efficient through communications. That was 30 years ago.


Unified communications, video technologies, messaging, and remote collaboration take communications to a whole new level. The telephone, fax and voice mail are being supplemented by video, email, presence, chat, secure file share, screen share, and others. The telephone number is being replaced by click-to-call and click-to-video buttons. Having all of these tools at your disposal in the office or on the go provides a much more productive work environment. I personally work from home and start my day having several virtual meetings with development team members in India. It is so much more efficient than the old way. For some, it is very hard to break the old habits, but it is much more efficient. The technology makes it so much easier. I find the big challenge is the will to break the old habits, but once you do, you will be much better for it. I am trying to do my part to change the way people work and I just love it.