Secure File Send

We have a focus on any business that needs Secure File Send/Receive.  This includes accountants, both large and small, banks, and other loan processors like mortgage loan companies.  We focus on this market because no one has a product for this market as good as ConnectUsPro.  The feature that sets us apart is SUFT. It stands for Secure Unattended File Transfer.  It is a key feature for this market because it replaces cloud-based SyncNShare applications that many companies use.  More later, but first let’s talk about the basics of ConnectUsPro

In yesteryear people communicated with voice, fax, and email.  These modes are still important, but today we have video, messaging, screen sharing, secure file transfer secure E-mail, E-signature and presence.  Not all have migrated to the new methods yet, but if they haven’t already, they will.  Why?–because, these new methods are just too powerful to ignore.  Video beats audio.  Do you listen to the radio or do you watch TV?  Messaging (aka chat) is very powerful.  The combination of messaging and video is a game changer and enables a more productive work force.  ConnectUsPro is not the only solution on the market with these features, but it is a very good one.  We think you will agree.


Voice     Fax     Email


Messaging     Secure File Transfer     Video

Now let’s talk about secure unattended file transfer.  The world has gone digital.  Digital makes It easier to process, store, and transport documents.  It is better for me, the consumer, and for you, the accountant or loan processor.  Some of my tax material is digital, but some is still paper based.  I scan all of the paper documents for my own records.  It is easier to access them that way.  99% of all of the accountants and loan processors work digitally as well, but when the documents get sent between the customer and the accountant, they are printed and mailed.  That is crazy!  It is expensive, slow, and not really very secure.  I don’t want all of my private financial information sitting in my mailbox in front of my house or delivered to my neighbor.  I want my private stuff private.


Transferring documents by Mail is Crazy!

Slow     Costly     Unsecure


So, why don’t we just communicate electronically?  Because, it is not easy to do—at least not securely.  Financial information needs to be secure and email is not secure.  Fax is not much better—at least I don’t want my financials sitting on my accounts floor.  ConnectUsPro changes this.  It provides a way to transfer documents very easily and securely, both within the office and with customers, outside of the office.

ConnectUsPro makes securely transferring

documents with customers very easy.


Before talking about how ConnectUsPro works, let me talk about Sync and Share applications.  There are many of them, and some might be tempted to use them as an alternative.  Some of them would work in this application, but some simply don’t. Even when they work, they are really not designed for this application and usually lead to a cumbersome experience.  Sync and share apps offer some amazing capabilities and work great in the proper setting such as sharing with team members in large groups.  Sharing with customers is not so easy or doesn’t work at all.  Sometimes it boils down to figuring out how to send the customer a file link without using email.  I don’t know an easy way, except by using ConnectUs or a similar application.  Providing for both ease and security is difficult.


Sync and Share applications have a place

but not when customers are involved.


ConnectUsPro is designed for this specific application—a group of two or three people, including one who is a customer on the outside.  It is very easy to use, both internally within the company, but also with customers.  It is also more secure; I will show you why I say that, but first I want to address ease.  For my contacts that I want to share with, I just mark them with send and/or receive capabilities, and the folder location.  To send, just place a file in that folder and do nothing more.  It is automatically sent.  When a file is received I get notified like I do with a chat or video.  I click the notification and it takes me to the folder.  Very easy!  For a customer I can either send them a link or they can go to the company website and sign in.  I don’t even need to be at my desk for it to happen.  It doesn’t get any easier.  In addition, ConnectUsPro will handle any size file.


ConnectUsPro works great for groups of

two or three and with customers.


Security—If it weren’t for security, privacy and file size, email would be great, but…  ConnectUsPro is more secure and private than any other application that I know.  Let me explain why I am so confident.  We are sending the file from point A to point B using end to end encryption and there is no middle point.  Let me compare this to sync and share applications.  All of them work by storing the shared files in the cloud.  You have points A and B and also point S (server) located in the cloud.  I’m sure that the cloud providers use excellent security, but I could say that about Home Depot, Target, Sony, Yahoo, and a zillion others as well.  It is all very secure until it isn’t.  All three points need to be secure, but from a hackers point of view, the cloud server is the interesting location because it has not just one person’s data, but everyone’s.  When a service, like ConnectUsPro, eliminates the most vulnerable location, it follows that your documents have less exposure.

Always Available—SUFT is always available.  Even though we have a client centric architecture that is not typically thought of as always on, we provide an always on solution.  Perhaps you travel and use a laptop as your primary computer, but that by itself is not always on.  How do we do that?  We do it in two ways.  The first is to use the cloud as a supplement.  For instance, if the receiver is offline when you are ready to send, ConnectUsPro will automatically send the file to the cloud and when the recipient comes online, it automatically sends it on.  The cloud is used as a temporary storage location.  Some people don’t trust the cloud.  For those, we offer a second solution.  You can set up an alternative PC or server that is always available and use that as your temporary storage location.  In all cases the process is transparent and provides a seamless always available experience.

Robust—The ConnectUsPro automatic file send requires minimal setup.  In exchange for the small setup process, you get a very robust function.  If you are planning to do any volume of file sending at all, the minimal setup is well worth your effort.  The setup is all user-controlled and requires no administrative intervention.

SUFT includes a management function to keep track of the files and make sure they are sent properly.  Since all file sending is in the background, this is helpful.  The system makes sure that all file transmissions complete.  It makes sure all files are sent when the users are online and fully authenticated.  It also makes sure that transmission errors don’t interfere.  For instance, if a very large file is sent, and a network error or interruption occurs halfway through, the management app will know and will send the other half of the file automatically and in the background when the error is corrected.

The management function aides in sending files to a group of users.  If allows for the sending and receiving from different people at the same time.  It monitors the sending of very large files.  Manual file sending is a rather simple process.  Automatic file sending is highly sophisticated.

In summary, ConnectUsPro is a unified communications product that includes SUFT.  Not only can you communicate more effectively, but you’re also able to securely send and receive any size file.  I want to demonstrate how easy it is.  Click on the Demo link below and enter your email into the form.  If this is your first contact with ConnectUs, we will not recognize you and will ask you to establish credentials to be able to securely transfer files.  After submitting, we will confirm your identity and automatically add you into my contact list with secure file transfer enabled. It is as simple as that.  No work at all on my side.  When you send me a file, I will receive an alert. When I respond to the alert, I can click the file icon and am sent to your folder to view the file.  It will work even if I am busy or offline.  Logging into this same portal page at a later date, allows you to communicate with me again.  Perhaps I have sent you files.  After confirming your identity, they will immediately be downloaded to your downloads folder.  With this same portal access, you can also see my status, chat with me, video, etc.  Very simple and powerful.  Send me a file.  Try it out.  Let us add a similar button to your website.


ConnectUsPro is the right solution

for transferring secure files to/from customers,

but it is so much more.  Try it.